Encouraging critique: a stimulating and provocative examination of dominant discourses in the higher education sector. Book review: Kinchin, I. M., and Gravett, K. (2022) Dominant discourses in higher education: critical perspectives, cartographies and practice. London: Bloomsbury Academic.


  • Stacey Mottershaw Leeds University




higher education, discourses, critique

Author Biography

Stacey Mottershaw, Leeds University

Stacey Mottershaw is an Associate Professor (Teaching and Scholarship) at Leeds University Business School. She teaches on topics such as business ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, and sustainability, as well as around academic and employability skills. Her research interests are predominantly focused on student and staff under-representation in UK higher education institutions. Stacey is currently working towards her EdD at the University of Sheffield, exploring the career journeys and trajectories of working-class academics.


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Mottershaw, S. (2023) “ London: Bloomsbury Academic”., Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education, (26). doi: 10.47408/jldhe.vi26.944.

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