On Academia, Critical Pedagogy and ‘Coming Out’ as a Third Space Practitioner


  • Eileen Pollard Manchester Metropolitan University




Chester Retold, community learning, critical pedagogy, experiential learning, learning development


This opinion piece situates the practice of an experimental module I taught as an academic – Chester Retold: Unspoken Stories, Put into Words – within some theories of ‘community learning’.[1] Community learning is understood here to articulate and enact a combination of concepts taken from critical pedagogy (Freire, 2018; hooks, 1994), experiential learning (Kolb, 2015; Gibbs, 1988) and learning development (Webster, 2017). It is also informed, like all teaching, by the author’s own personal life and learning experiences within and without ‘communities’. The practice of Chester Retold made a contribution to all these theoretical fields, but in particular perhaps a conscious intervention into critical pedagogy and an unconscious one into the third space (Whitchurch, 2013; Lisewski, 2021), beginning with learning development.


[1] As its creator and module leader, I ran Chester Retold twice at the University of Chester (2018-2019).



Author Biography

Eileen Pollard, Manchester Metropolitan University

Eileen Pollard is a Senior Lecturer in Academic Development in the University Teaching Academy at Manchester Metropolitan University. She previously taught English Literature at the University of Chester before working as a learning developer. She has published on pedagogy and her TEDx on Chester Retold has received over 10,000 views.


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