Embedding employability into the curriculum: five recommendations to improve widening participation students’ graduate employability


  • Tom Lowe University of Portsmouth




employability, diversity and inclusion, equality, graduate outcomes, widening participation


Ensuring students succeed during and beyond their degree, no matter their background, ethnicity, disability or demographic has been outlined in the mission of the English higher education regulator, the Office for Students (Office for Students, 2018). Additionally, there are endless strategies, agendas, research projects and discussions around improving Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) within universities, yet there is less literature relating to EDI activity relating to graduate employability. This paper argues that the areas where greater attention is required within EDI is the work of academics and careers support services, to enhance graduate outcomes, through the development of core employment and recruitment skills (Underwood, 2022), through embedding professional literacies into the curriculum. From making parallels with strategies to support academic literacies, this paper argues that certain employability development elements should be embedded into the core assessed curriculum of degrees, to support all students in developing their professional literacies.

Author Biography

Tom Lowe, University of Portsmouth

Tom Lowe is a Senior Lecturer in Higher Education, where his research includes student engagement in development of education, embedding employability into the curriculum and belonging. Tom is also the Chair of RAISE (Researching, Advancing and Inspiring Student Engagement), a network of over 1,000 stakeholders in higher education interested in developing student engagement.


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