A book review of Davies, M. (2022), Study skills for international postgraduates, London: Bloomsbury Academics.


  • Silvia Colaiacomo UCL - Arena Centre for Research Based Education




international students, academic skills, internationalisation of the curriculum, intercultural learning

Author Biography

Silvia Colaiacomo, UCL - Arena Centre for Research Based Education

Silvia Colaiacomo is a lecturer in the Arena Centre for Research-Based Education at UCL. Her main area of responsibility is overlooking the teacher training provision for Postgraduate Teaching Assistants. Her background is in history of art and modern foreign languages, which she taught in HE in the UK and internationally. Since 2016, she has been focusing on academic development programmes for teaching and support staff. She is particularly interested in internationalisation of the curriculum and exploring the interaction between space, pedagogy and technology in different disciplinary settings.


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