TMI - Too Much Information: Creating Employability Skills Resources - enabling students to develop an effective interface with a client

Anne Hill, Simon Spencer, Nicola Bartholomew


Employers from a range of disciplines have commented on the problem of weaning graduates from the behaviours instilled in them by the typical assessment process. When asked to give advice, information is usually correct but too often goes beyond what is needed by the client, thus giving the client TMI - too much information. As part of a project examining a range of employability skills a resource has been created to address this particular issue, which comprises audiovisual files illustrating four different contexts (housing, health, IT and education) with accompanying teaching notes.  Students are encouraged to put themselves in the place of the client and recognise the difference between being told the 'textbook' response and receiving relevant advice.  This paper examines the creation of the resources and evaluates the perceived value of their use in the classroom.


Employability Skills; Skills Development; Professional Development

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ISSN: 1759-667X