Library Pedagogies: Personal reflections from library practitioners

A book review of Aston, S. and Walsh, A., 2021. Library Pedagogies: Personal reflections from library practitioners. Huddersfield: Innovative Libraries Press.




teaching pedagogies, libraries, information literacy, professional development, reflective practice


This is a book where European and American academic librarians discuss their journeys of becoming teachers. Many did not pursue librarianship to engage in teaching but found themselves in roles that required instruction, despite a lack of preparation for classroom teaching within their MLIS programs. They reflect back on past influences including personal background, key teachers and other figures that served as models, institutions and ways of learning that made an impact, and scholarship in the field of education and librarianship, all of which has formed deep rooted values which ground the basis of pedagogical pathways.

The reflections are personal and individual. While themes and practices will begin to connect across the chapters, readers are encouraged to read each of the chapters but in no particular order. Find the titles or author profiles that resonate first and browse the book from there. 





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Hoffman, K. (2021) “ Huddersfield: Innovative Libraries Press”., Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education, (21). doi: 10.47408/jldhe.vi21.650.