Enhancing academic skills appointments through a new booking system


  • Laurence Morris Leeds Beckett University
  • Lindsey McDermott Leeds Beckett University




This case study examines the introduction of a centrally managed booking system for academic skills appointments conducted by the Library Academic Support Team at Leeds Beckett University, showing how staff-student communication channels can scaffold effective student support. The new system was introduced in order to manage a large number of requests for skills appointments across all academic levels, to ensure an equitable experience for all learners, and to frame staff-student encounters more effectively at the formative stage. Further benefits included provision of more focused tuition, additional data on learner requirements, greater capacity to re-route appointment requests, and more efficient use of student and staff time, while retaining the option of human intervention in the system as required. This paper demonstrates a transferrable means of enhancing institutional processes whilst retaining the traditional strengths of one-to-one encounters in order to improve the overall student experience.

Author Biographies

Laurence Morris, Leeds Beckett University

Laurence Morris is an Academic Librarian at Leeds Beckett University, a Senior Fellow of Advance HE and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

Lindsey McDermott, Leeds Beckett University

Lindsey Mcdermott is an Administrator in the Library Academic Support Team at Leeds Beckett University.




How to Cite

Morris, L. and McDermott, L. (2020) “Enhancing academic skills appointments through a new booking system”, Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education, (19). doi: 10.47408/jldhe.vi19.582.