Brokering academic literacies in a community of practice


  • Lynne Gornall University of Central Lancashire



academic literacies, international students, community of practice, legitimate peripheral participation, learning development, study skills, brokering, deficit model, appreciative inquiry.


This paper examines the ‘academic literacies’ approach to supporting postgraduate international students in the business school of a post-92 English university. The support service was evaluated with appreciative inquiry methods, consulting students and academics. The most helpful support, according to students and academics, came from the ‘academic literacies’ approach, which was enhanced, and enabled, because it was linked to two other ideas: communities of practice, and the learning developer as a broker.

Author Biography

Lynne Gornall, University of Central Lancashire

Lynne Gornall BA (Hons), Cert. HE, PGDip, MEd, FHEA is a senior lecturer in the Lancashire Business School at the University of Central Lancashire. She works with postgraduate students, international students and academic staff on range of academic development initiatives and projects and is  interested in 'academic literacies' and 'communities of practice' approaches to learning development.




How to Cite

Gornall, L. (2019) “Brokering academic literacies in a community of practice”, Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education, (15). doi: 10.47408/jldhe.v0i15.536.