Making the second year count: embedding learning development in a progressive student journey

Pat Hill, Amanda Tinker


In over a decade of working on embedding skills within the curriculum, it became apparent to us that the second or intermediate year was rather neglected in terms of intervention.  Across the UK higher education sector, focus has been on supporting first year transition and final year projects (Yorke, 2015; Whittle, 2018). The aim of this paper is to explore a progressive approach to learning development within the curriculum which ensures that the second year is fully exploited in terms of bridging the gap between first and final years. Focus groups were used to investigate perceptions of students, subject specialists and learning developers and the subsequent issues are thematically analysed and discussed. Two case studies are then used to demonstrate the design of a curriculum which supports a collaborative and progressive approach to student learning in which learning developers can play a key role.



Embedding skills; progressive learning development; student journey; curriculum design.

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ISSN: 1759-667X