Incorporating augmented reality to enrich student learning

  • Ronan T. Bree Dundalk Institute of Technology
Keywords: Technology Enhanced Learning, augmented reality, reusable learning object, aurasma, quick response code


Learning in higher education is now performed across several dimensions, for example: face-to-face in the classroom or practical sessions; engaging with reusable learning objects; online distance learning and virtual learning environments, all represent significant 'places' of learning. With the advent of technology, the incorporation of multimedia resources to complement lecture theory/practical applications is increasingly evident in modules and programmes. However, with these advances come excessive supplementary digital resources that are available to students, often across multiple platforms. The resources can become separated from relevant lecture notes and this disconnection represents a potential block to learning. Augmented Reality (AR) addresses this concern. Through activation via a 'trigger' image placed in a printed handout, students can engage with specific multimedia content in real-time, and more importantly at the appropriate part of their course. Examples of these multimedia resources are pre-existing online, or customised electronic sketch, videos. Each can be made available for repeat viewings at a later stage, empowering students and benefiting self-paced learning and revision. Here, the role and benefit of AR in empowering students with regard to their learning and the steps needed to introduce AR are discussed.

Author Biography

Ronan T. Bree, Dundalk Institute of Technology

Department: Department of Applied Sciences, DkIT

Rank: Lecturer

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Bree, R. T. (2017) “Incorporating augmented reality to enrich student learning”, Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education. Plymouth, UK, 0(12). doi: 10.47408/jldhe.v0i12.400.
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