Development and evaluation of an online learning object to improve pre-registration nursing students' knowledge and engagement with pre-operative fasting

Stuart Roberts, Richard Windle


Background - Having identified a need to improve education around pre-operative fasting, and to facilitate more Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL), an online learning tool was developed.
Design - An evaluation study was conducted to ascertain the effectiveness of the tool in developing knowledge in a group of pre-registration nursing students.
Results - A quiz attached to the online teaching tool showed a high level of information uptake, 63% (n=44) of the students achieved a mark of 90% or higher and only 15% (n=11) achieving a mark of less than 70%. A questionnaire was undertaken resulting in the students highlighting their enthusiasm for engagement in similar learning opportunities in the future.


Technology Enhanced Learning, Evaluation, Blended Learning, Fasting, Learning Objects.

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ISSN: 1759-667X