Assessments and the self: Academic practice and character attributes


  • Stuart Hanscomb University of Glasgow



Academic practices and outputs, assessment, character attributes, qualitative methods


A case is made for the there being an important, but so far largely overlooked,relationship between a studentââ¬â¢s academic practices and outputs and character attributes such as open-mindedness, enthusiasm and perseverance. Even though there are very good reasons for believing this relationship exists, a need is identified for further research of a qualitative kind for generating awareness in students, teachers and academic support staff of its complex and significantly idiographic nature. Since any generalised, formalised or non-student-led application of these insights to teaching practice is inappropriate, such research, generating detailed case studies, would also serve as an appropriate means of inspiring this kind of reflection ââ¬â either directly in the student, or indirectly via increased teacher and learning development staff sensitivity to possibilities of these kinds of dialoguesoccurring. A brief example from my own teaching and research indicates the formand content of this research.

Author Biography

Stuart Hanscomb, University of Glasgow

University Teacher, School of Interdisciplinary Studies




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Hanscomb, S. (2015) “Assessments and the self: Academic practice and character attributes”, Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education, (8). doi: 10.47408/jldhe.v0i8.228.