Deleuze and collaborative writing as method of inquiry

Ken Gale, Helen Bowstead


This paper is based on an interview with Ken Gale in which he talks about his experiences of collaborative writing and the ways in which Deleuzian concepts such as the ââ¬Ërhizomeââ¬â¢, ââ¬Ëlines of flightââ¬â¢, the ââ¬Ënomadââ¬â¢, the ââ¬Ëfoldââ¬â¢ and the ââ¬Ëbody without organsââ¬â¢ have informed and inspired his research and practice. The potential for how these concepts could help in offering a new cartography for learning development is also explored


Learning development; Deleuze; lines of flight; the nomad; collaborative writing.

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ISSN: 1759-667X