'I am just so delighted - now I know I can do it!' - How collaboration between Nurse Lecturers and Academic Skills Tutors promotes students' confidence

Celia Butters, Sheila Kerfoot, Peggy Murphy, Alison Williams


This paper showcases two collaborative projects between Academic Skills Tutors and Nurse Lecturers aimed at increasing students' writing and numerical skills. Both projects work proactively with students to increase their potential to succeed. Feedforward works on developing students' academic writing skills and the Numerate project develops their confidence with numbers. The collaboration has had a positive effect on student retention within The University's pre-registration nursing course. The feedback from students suggests that these interventions have helped to increase their confidence in their ability to learn.

Sadly, four days before this article was published our close friend and colleague, Celia Butters died suddenly at home. As a tribute to her devotion to teaching and learning we want to honour her memory by sharing with you some of her qualities.
Celia was a deeply respected, supportive and dedicated member of our team. We feel privileged to have worked with such a caring professional. Celia inspired students to have the confidence to follow their goals and believe in their own abilities. There is no finer tribute than Celia's recent nomination for the student led "Teaching Excellence Award, 2014" at Glyndwr University.


Proactive; Collaboration; Development; Confidence; Feedforward; Feedback; Retention; Assessment; Numeracy; Numerate, Drug Calculations; Student engagement and Student success

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ISSN: 1759-667X