Why is research still invisible in further education

Carla Solvason, Geoffrey Elliott


This article takes as its starting point earlier research reported by Geoffrey Elliott in 1996. That study found that research was consistantly marginalised in the FE sector, and identified a number of structural factors that contributed to this ââ¬Ëinvisibilityââ¬â¢. This new study draws upon a small sample of lecturers who belong to a Further and Higher Education Early Years Partnership. Through the participantsââ¬â¢ voices and perspectives, the authors identify continuing dissonance and issues of research marginalisation. The discussion also highlights contemporary educational discourse, with its predominant focus upon measurable value at the expense of values, as a key factor in sustaining a culture that is antithetic to thoughtful reflection and research. The authors identify the development of a ââ¬Ëcollaborative centralisedââ¬â¢ research community as critical to an alternative possibility for research in further education.


Research, Further Education, Lecturer, Tutor, Culture

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ISSN: 1759-667X