Intuitive Resources: "It's like having you at home helping us"


  • Caroline Cash University College Falmouth
  • John Sumpter University College Falmouth



E-learning, visual resources, studio-based learning


A recent report from the EDUCAUSE Centre for Applied Research highlights that students are integrating smart technologies and web-based tools into their academic experience (ECAR, 2011). With this in mind, the Intuitive Resources project at University College Falmouth created and evaluated the use of High Definition (HD) learning videos. These videos may be accessed by mobile/smartphone technologies and have been designed with close consideration of curriculum delivery and assessment in studio-based projects.

Key to students' experience and successful learning in studio-based courses is the input by skilled technical instructors (TIs). TIs provide thorough induction and on-going support on complex equipment and techniques. In many instances there may a significant lapse between induction sessions and students' application of the technical skills, resulting in a high level of individual follow-up support. This on-going support is necessarily situated within the studio context and is reliant on the availability of staff and equipment and may cause students to falter in their projects until technical support becomes available.

This paper shares the design and development of the Intuitive Resources project and reviews evaluative feedback from staff and students on how access to technical instruction and improved technical competence has had impact on students'


Author Biographies

Caroline Cash, University College Falmouth

Award Leader, MA in Creative Education

Learning Futures

John Sumpter, University College Falmouth

E-learning Developer
Technology Enhanced Learning




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Cash, C. and Sumpter, J. (2013) “Intuitive Resources: ‘It’s like having you at home helping us’”, Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education, (5). doi: 10.47408/jldhe.v0i5.169.