Facing the future: the changing shape of academic skills support at Bournemouth University

Neil Ford, Melissa Bowden


This paper explores the potential impact of changes to higher education in the United Kingdom on student expectations, engagement, lifestyles and diversity, and outlines implications for the development of digital literacy within academic skills support at Bournemouth university.

Weââ¬â¢ll investigate how tackling resource constraints with organisational change can also enable efficient, centralised provision of support materials that utilise networks to overcome the risk of fragmented support for digital literacy. Weââ¬â¢ll also look at how changing delivery modes for support can accommodate changing student lifestyles whilst tackling a weakness of centralised support for digital literacy: that it can become detached from the studentââ¬â¢s subject-focused academic practice. Finally weââ¬â¢ll look at how involving students in developing support can help us to face changes to student expectations and engagement whilst ensuring that materials are authentic and speak to learners in their own voice.


Academic Skills; Digital Literacy; Higher Education

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ISSN: 1759-667X