'Multisensory Holistic Immersion': The Method of Insider Inquiry Skills as a Threshold Concept

David Coghlan, Anne Graham Cagney


Insider inquiry involves being immersed in local situations and generating contextually embedded knowledge which emerges from direct experience. Insider inquiry requires a method that facilitates attending to observable data, envisaging possible explanations of that data and selecting as probable or certain the explanations which provide the best account for the data. This article explores how such an approach in undergraduate education constitutes a threshold concept and troublesome knowledge. Drawing on the notion of threshold concepts, the aim of the article is to contribute insights from how a course in insider inquiry which focused on a method of attending to cognitional processes was conducted and to contribute to future research in the field of undergraduate management education.


Insider inquiry, threshold concepts, Bernard Lonergan, general empirical method

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ISSN: 1759-667X