Engaging students in and with good academic work

David Baume


AbstractàIt is proposed that efforts to enhance student engagement should focus attention on student engagement with good academic/professional/vocational work; hereafter, for simplicity, ââ¬Ëgood workââ¬â¢. Three main reasons are advanced for this proposition. First: engaging with good work can provide a strong and clear motivation and goal for students who want to become competent or expert in a discipline, profession or vocation. ââ¬ËEngaging withââ¬â¢ here carries two hugely overlapping meanings; consuming (which includes, but is not limited to, reading, observing, critiquing, exploring, discussing and analyzing) and producing. Second: any programme, any module, any suggested student learning activity, any proposed teaching method, can be tested by answering the question ââ¬ËWill it clearly and directly help the student to engage with, to consume and/or produce, good work?ââ¬â¢ And third: in engaging with good work, the student is always clear about the point and purpose of what they are doing ââ¬â to identify the qualities of good work, to critique work against these qualities, and to produce good work. à


Keywords: engagement; learning; course design; learning activities; learning outcomes; learning; skills

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ISSN: 1759-667X