Getting connected: establishing direct communication between learning developers and PhD Students with teaching responsibilities




Learning development, doctoral researcher, teaching, higher education, professional services


Many PhD researchers have the opportunity to take up teaching responsibilities during their doctoral studies to enhance their employability and interest in academia. Aside from their formal teaching training, little is known about the types of resources and support from professional services that PhD students (PhDs) use to fulfil their teaching responsibilities. On the other hand, learning development is a relatively new profession within higher education. As such, there are varied perceptions on the necessity for PhDs with teaching responsibilities to engage with learning development support. This opinion piece shares the experience of a STEM UK PhD student with teaching responsibilities and a learning development practitioner when establishing support for modules taught by PhDs. Through a dialogue, the authors explore the challenges faced in the interaction between learning developers (LDs) and PhDs, in two different UK universities, and recommend how to further develop the relationship. Through this dialogue possible solutions like increasing the visibility of available LD support for PhDs with teaching responsibilities within higher education institutions (HEIs) and including LD support in PhDs teaching training were identified.

Author Biographies

Ralitsa Kantcheva, Bangor University

Ralitsa Kantcheva has been a Study Skills Adviser at Bangor University (Wales) since 2016. She has experience supporting students both through subject specific and generic provision of academic literacy skills. Her primary research interest is students’ understanding of threshold concepts embedded in academic writing and in scientific research procedures.

Kiu Sum, Solent University

Kiu Sum is a Doctoral Researcher in Nutrition at the University of Westminster, London. Her research interest focuses on workplace nutrition, public health nutrition, and behavioural sciences. Kiu is also a Lecturer in Nutrition at Solent University, Southampton. She has a broad interest in pedagogy research and student engagement and is a Registered Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition. Kiu also currently co-convenes the Engagement Assessment and the Early Career Researchers Special Interest Groups at the RAISE Network.


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Kantcheva, R. . and Sum, K. (2023) “Getting connected: establishing direct communication between learning developers and PhD Students with teaching responsibilities”, Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education, (27). doi: 10.47408/jldhe.vi27.1013.



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