Students’ view of hybrid assessment


  • Patricia Perlman-Dee University of Manchester



This lightning talk aimed to evaluate and explain the outcome of students’ opinions on a hybrid assessment. It shared with the audience take away learnings, ideas, and tips from a postgraduate formative assessment that was delivered as a group presentation. The students had the opportunity to deliver in three separate formats: complete group delivering face-to-face, hybrid group delivery, and all virtual delivery. The talk discussed the students' perception of ‘best form of delivery’, ‘fairness and equal opportunities’, and acting with professionalism, as well as final outcomes of the assessment.

Author Biography

Patricia Perlman-Dee, University of Manchester

Patricia Perlman-Dee, CFA, is a Senior Lecturer in Finance at AMBS. She has a Master’s in Finance and a PGCE and is the Employability Lead at AMBS. Patricia has extensive experience working in large financial corporations such as Citigroup, JP Morgan, Nomura and Barclays in Manchester, London, and New York. Patricia teaches a range of courses at the University of Manchester across all levels. In 2021, 2020, and 2019, Patricia was awarded the Faculty of Humanities Outstanding teaching award. She regularly presents at several educational conferences such as HERDSA, EduLearn, Chartered Association of Business Schools, and Advance HE conferences.


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