Designing for diverse learners




Learning and teaching are only sustainable if accessible and inclusive. For this reason, we produced the Designing for Diverse Learners Poster: a set of easy-to-follow guidance on developing learning resources to support learners with a variety of needs. This poster has been adopted by many institutions and has had a significant impact on practice for many teaching in higher education. This conference session launched the next version of the Designing for Diverse Learners poster:- a fully interactive and digital version that includes how and why each of these design decisions is made. An accompanying website was demonstrated for the first time, and delegates were invited to consider ways in which it could support their learning and development practice, give feedback and suggest further improvements. The idea of ‘diverse learners’ is fundamental to the poster resource and to its use by learning developers. The practices outlined in our new website will benefit every learner - including those who may require specific adjustments. We hope the new version of the poster and the accompanying website will help support the development of greater access and inclusion in learning development practice.

Author Biographies

Lee Fallin, University of Hull

Lee Fallin is a Lecturer in Education Studies at the University of Hull. His research focuses on the intersections between education and geography, inclusive of physical and digital spaces. His current research interests include learning spaces and communities, inclusive digital practice, research methodologies and geographies of place.

Thomas Tomlinson, University of Hull

Tom Tomlinson works as a teaching enhancement officer at the University of Hull. Tom supports staff to make the best use of technology for teaching and learning. He delivers digital literacy and curriculum enhancement workshops via online, face-to-face and blended modes. Tom has a background in design and explores the practical application of technology to enhance learning.


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Fallin, L. and Tomlinson, T. (2022) “Designing for diverse learners ”, Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education, (25). doi: 10.47408/jldhe.vi25.973.

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