Performing communi-tea


  • Carina Buckley Southampton Solent University



The morning tea break performs several useful and evidence-based functions, in providing a space for networking and exchanging information, for building relationships, and for reducing stress. However, in a higher education context predicated on outputs and performance, the time spent in talking to colleagues over a cuppa is often considered a wasteful indulgence, and even harder to organise meaningfully with our post-Covid hybrid patterns of working. In an audit culture, how can the qualitative value of social relations be recognised, cultivated and strengthened, so that we might all benefit from the productivity that inevitably follows?


  1. How do we make space in our week to get to know each other as people?
  2. What are the best methods for developing and maintaining a collaborative
    workplace community for hybrid workers?
  3. Is coffee ever an acceptable substitute for tea?

Author Biography

Carina Buckley, Southampton Solent University

Carina Buckley is currently Instructional Design Manager at Solent University, responsible for the on-going development of the VLE as a student-centred, active and inclusive learning space. Her research interests broadly connect to collaboration and community, and have evolved recently to explore ideas around leadership and professional identity. She serves as the Treasurer for ALDinHE and also sits on the steering group for the International Consortium of Academic Language and Learning Developers (ICALLD). Following a PhD in Archaeology in 2006, she has since added Advance HE Principal Fellow and Certified Leading Practitioner in Learning Development to her post-nominals. 




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Buckley, C. (2022) “Performing communi-tea ”, Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education, (25). doi: 10.47408/jldhe.vi25.955.

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