The challenges of copyright education and the Covid-19 pandemic as a catalyst for change


  • Alison Gilmour University of Greenwich
  • Irene Barranco Garcia



copyright education, collaboration;, digital literacy, blended learning, virtual learning environment, Covid-19

Author Biographies

Alison Gilmour, University of Greenwich

Dr Alison Gilmour is a Lecturer in HE Learning and Teaching (University of Greenwich) with expertise in enhancing teaching practice in blended learning contexts, supporting student engagement in dispersed learning communities, and embedding wellbeing in the curriculum. Alison is also a part-time Associate Lecturer with the Open University.

Irene Barranco Garcia

Irene Barranco Garcia is the Collaborations, Compliance and Copyright Manager at University of Greenwich. She is the University’s technical expert in copyright and intellectual property rights, offering support and advice to academic and professional colleagues. She develops information skills programmes and provides training and resources to staff and students. Irene leads on collaborative provision and support, visiting UK partner college libraries and delivering training to overseas partners.


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Gilmour, A. and Barranco Garcia, I. (2021) “The challenges of copyright education and the Covid-19 pandemic as a catalyst for change ”, Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education, (22). doi: 10.47408/jldhe.vi22.806.