Building a values-based community of practice in Nursing Sciences during the Covid-19 pandemic


  • Debbie Holley Bournemouth University
  • Anne Quinney
  • John Moran



Covid-19, values-based, assessment and feedback, confidence-building, blended learning

Author Biographies

Anne Quinney

Anne is the academic lead for the pedagogic theme of Assessment and Feedback at Bournemouth University, based in the Centre for Fusion Learning, Innovation and Excellence (previously the Centre for Excellence in Learning) and is responsible for policy innovations to promote student-centred and research-informed assessment and feedback strategies.

John Moran

John is the learning technologist for the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences at Bournemouth University


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Holley, D., Quinney, A. and Moran, J. (2021) “Building a values-based community of practice in Nursing Sciences during the Covid-19 pandemic ”, Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education, (22). doi: 10.47408/jldhe.vi22.745.