Reflective journals as a developmental tool in PAL

Carolyn Gentle, Rachel Shaw, Sophie Scott


Reflection is frequently used as a means towards evaluating and improving performance.à In the context of peer learning, post-session debriefs are reflective conversations between Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) leaders and their Academic Co-ordinators. Reflection-for-action (Killion and Todnem, 1991) is a good fit with peer learning which is typically action-oriented.


This case study considers the extent to which a PAL leaderââ¬â¢s professional capability and personal development may be further boosted by keeping a reflective journal. It raises the question whether or not there are tangible benefits to the journal-keeper in terms of their perceptions of their own learning, soft skills and employability.


A PAL leader at a UK university who kept a reflective PAL journal found the process enriching and it led to some changes in thought in respect of assumptions about what PAL success could look like.




reflection-for-action; confidence; writing cycle.

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ISSN: 1759-667X