Postgraduate peer tutors supporting academic skills in online programmes

Sharon Boyd, Jessie Paterson


This case study presents an evaluation of an online, distance-learning, postgraduate peer tutor project, covering the pilot and post-pilot years 2013-15. The project has two core aims: first, to develop student academic skills in group facilitation and learning support; second, to enhance support for increasing numbers of online, distance-learning students by facilitating more live sessions and providing postgraduate study advice. Feedback from staff, peer tutors and the students involved suggests that peer tutoring is successful in improving distance learnersââ¬â¢ experience through enhanced support and fostering a sense of community; for the peer tutors, the opportunities to develop graduate skills in tutoring and collaborating as part of the academic community.



Peer Support; Online Learning; Distance Learning; Postgraduate, Student Experience

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ISSN: 1759-667X