The use of a peer assisted learning scheme within a mathematics degree

  • Claire Cornock Sheffield Hallam University
Keywords: Peer assisted learning, mathematics community, peer support, inter-year interactions, skills development


The peer assisted learning (PAL) scheme in the mathematics degree at Sheffield Hallam University consists of final year PAL leaders guiding groups of first year students through an assessment task. Evaluation of the scheme in 2014-15 took place through a number of methods, including questionnaires, reflective log book comments and group contribution sheets. The scheme was found to help to ease the transition into university, help develop a mathematics community through the creation of support groups, and encourage inter-year interactions, developing skills, and increasing confidence of all involved. Engagement and enjoyment was very high and success extended far beyond the duration of the scheme. Despite the overall success, improvements will be made following on from comments and suggestions made by students.

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Cornock, C. (2016) “The use of a peer assisted learning scheme within a mathematics degree”, Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education. Plymouth, UK, 00. doi: 10.47408/jldhe.v0i0.360.