Open Badges: Exploring the value, potential and practicalities of a new way of recognising skills in Higher Education

Anne Hole


This case study reports an ongoing project at the University of Sussex seeking to introduce the idea of Open Badges to the institution while exploring some of the practical issues and limiting factors associated with this method of recognising learning. The focus is on piloting Open Badges in workshops and events for staff in order to develop understanding of the advantages and challenges of this form of micro-credentialing. It is hoped that the knowledge gained from this project can be used to identify and support appropriate future staff and student-facing badging initiatives. The project aims to:

(i) Develop understanding of Open Badges and their potential in higher education amongst professional service colleagues and academics.

(ii) Evaluate tools and processes.

(iii) Build capacity to support future projects.

The project has begun to meet its aims, there is now an operational badging scheme for Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) staff development workshops; colleagues in student-facing professional services have developed their knowledge and understanding of Open Badges and been supported in the development of plans for badging learner skills and there is increased awareness of Open Badges amongst teaching staff who have attended ââ¬Ëbadgedââ¬â¢ workshops.



Open Badges, Learning Technology,

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ISSN: 1759-667X