Embedding Technology Enhanced Learning at Universities: A collaboration between University of Cumbria and Newcastle University

Ann Thanaraj, Steve Williams


The aim of this article is to raise the profile of how universities can support academics in implementing their university strategy on Technology-Enabled Learning (TEL), thereby contributing to the transformation of studentsââ¬â¢ learning. Using evidence from a series of workshops and structured interviews, our findings suggest that universities should undertake a contextual analysis of the factors that motivate and constrain academics in their own organisations to engage with technology in curriculum delivery and development. The authors encourage universities to explore how the barriers and motivators can be used to develop and implement TEL in an institution. Institutional leaders should develop and publicise a vision for what TEL can do for their organisation, recognising the barriers and enablers to the successful adoption of TEL by academics. Institutions need to recognise the role of academics as leaders of cultural change, subject experts and content creators.


Professional development, technology enhanced learning, institutional policies

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ISSN: 1759-667X