Using Turnitin as a formative writing tool.


  • Judy Cohen University of Kent



Turnitin, plagiarism, writing skills,


Turnitin plagiarism detection software became available to all staff at the University of Kent the beginning of the 2006/7 academic year. In response to this, UELT prepared guidelines for staff on how to use Turnitin formatively rather than as a plagiarism policing agent. In addition, extensive web resources on avoiding plagiarism were made available to staff and students. It was anticipated that the guidelines and web resources coupled with tutor support in class would facilitate student understandings of plagiarism, referencing and the development of writing skills. Turnitin was specifically trialled in two classes of students, with interviews of staff and students on their experience of Turnitin and how it influenced their academic writing. Staff concluded that Turnitin and specific in-class support significantly deterred plagiarism while students supported the use of Turnitin and felt that it helped them understand the actual process of integrating references into their own work.

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Judy Cohen, University of Kent

Curriculum and Educational Developer, University of kent




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Cohen, J. (2010) “Using Turnitin as a formative writing tool”., Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education, (2). doi: 10.47408/jldhe.v0i2.22.



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