Call for papers 2022: JLDHE EDI Special Issue


Call for papers 2022: JLDHE EDI Special Issue

We invite submissions for a forthcoming ‘Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Learning Development’ special edition of the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education.

Focus of the Special Issue:

Learning Development grew as a response to policies of widening participation in higher education and the challenges to traditional practices this widening participation created. Over the last decade, the move to decolonise university curricula and destabilise longstanding disempowering narratives in HE has further transformed our understanding of what constitutes ‘inclusive pedagogy’. However, the impact that this later movement towards greater inclusivity has had on Learning Development and its community of practice is not well-documented.

Learning Development as a profession has always sought to be a source of positive change in higher education – as outlined by the Association of Learning Development in Higher Education’s values. This special issue is our opportunity to showcase the work we in LD have undertaken so far to make progress towards creating a more inclusive educational environment for both students and staff. It is also a chance for you to highlight positive changes you have made through specific learning interventions, action research, student/staff partnerships and the support of under-represented voices. The special issue will also allow us to identify where we can and should be doing more to support equality, diversity and inclusion in higher education, and specifically in the area of Learning Development itself.

Suggested Topics:

Submissions should align with the overarching EDI theme – which may include: 

  • Inclusive practices and inclusive pedagogies
  • Equality and reasonable adjustments in Learning Development 
  • Diversity in our communities of practice: can we do more?
  • Learning Development as a force for equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Under-represented voices and perspectives in Learning Development as a profession
  • Historical changes in university LD practices since 1992

The deadline for submissions is 31 August 2022. 

In addition to standard contributions such as research papers, case studies, and opinion pieces, we also welcome shorter pieces in the form of ‘brief communications’. Please consult our submission guidelines for details:

All submissions to the JLDHE are double-blind peer reviewed and we offer a supportive review process. If you have any questions about the process, answers to most of these can be found in the Authors area of our website but the editors will be happy to respond to you directly in case you cannot find what you need. Our contact details can be found below. 

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