Teaching and assessment practices for academic writing: an analysis of teacher profiles

Keywords: academic writing, university teacher profiles, teaching practices, assessing practices, self-reported teacher practices


The present research study aimed to determine what teachers do to promote the learning of academic writing. In particular, we studied how teachers teach and assess writing in higher education based on their self-reported teaching practices. We asked 64 teachers working in a Colombian university to fill in a questionnaire that we constructed for the purposes of the present study. The participants were teachers in the field of Health Sciences, the majority of whom were female (58%), with a mean age of 44 years. Data analysis consisted of cluster analysis based on items relative to teaching and assessing academic writing in order to determine teacher profiles. A Kruskal-Wallis H-test was then conducted to distinguish the found profiles as a function of teacher age. The results revealed three significantly different profiles: transmitting, assessing and no-adherence profiles. These profiles also varied as a function of age. These results will be discussed, taking into account a generational effect hypothesis, with regard to the tendency/lack of tendency for teachers to stimulate the learning of different components of academic writing (norms, methods and reflexive practices).

Author Biographies

Dyanne Escorcia, University of Poitiers - CeRCA CNRS Teachers Training School (ESPé de Poitiers)

Teachers Training School (ESPé de Poitiers)

Assistant professor

Mayilin Moreno, University of Nord

Dpt of Psychology

Assistant professor