Case Study: The 24/7 Study Advice Workshop

Michelle Reid, Kim Shahabudin, Sonia Hood


With a rise in demand for learning development services, coupled with an increasinglydivergent cohort of students (part-time; international; distance learners and students withextra commitments), there is a clear need to look for creative ways to meet the challengesof this growing and changing need. To meet this challenge the Study Advice team at the University of Reading embarked on a project using screencasting to create a suite of videotutorials that focused on key aspects of study. This paper discusses the inspiration for theproject, the development process undertaken and the impact and effectiveness of theresources created. The content was developed through a process of experimentation andextensive team reviewing and refinement, through which we (the Study Advice team)learnt how to effectively create, record and disseminate our resources. The benefits werefar wider reaching than the initial project scope, with implications for capacity building;recognition; profile-raising and student engagement.


Learning Development, digital technology,video tutorials

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ISSN: 1759-667X