Dramatising learning development: towards an understanding without definition

Jason Eyre, Tracy Slawson


As learning developers increasingly seek recognition of their practices as a coherent and shared approach to teaching and learning in higher education, the notion of a ‘definitive’ understanding of learning development may appear an appealing prospect, one that promises clarity in recognising, understanding and valuing learning development. However, attempts at definition should be approached with caution, as they can be founded upon assumptions that permit no scope for evolution or change. Drawing on the philosophical work of Gilles Deleuze (1967) and his concept of the virtual, this paper problematises the idea of there being a ‘clear and distinct’ definition of learning development, arguing instead for a ‘distinct and obscure’ concept of learning development open to creative evolution.  


recognition scheme; professional development; philosophy; Gilles Deleuze

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ISSN: 1759-667X