Embedding report writing workshops into an undergraduate Environmental Science module through a subject specialist and learning developer partnership

Robert Martin Blake, Jacqueline Pates


In recent years, there has been an increasing need for all university students to receive help with learning to write. Consequently, there has been a shift away from a pure study skills approach towards embedding the teaching of writing into the mainstream curriculum. Embedded writing courses can be designed and delivered by various combinations of learning developer and subject specialist. Students view delivery by subject lecturers as more valuable, but subject specialist delivery may be challenging for those lecturers who feel it is outside their zone of expertise and consider writing as the province of learning developers. However, it is difficult for learning developers to contextualise such teaching in terms of subject values and expectations, and the shared knowledge of coursework assignments. By working through the different stages of teaching partnership, from cooperation to team teaching, both learning developer and subject specialist become empowered, facilitating the transition from teaching writing as a study skill to a fully embedded model.


study skills; scientific writing; academic literacies; teaching partnerships, embedding.

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ISSN: 1759-667X