'A productive and happy collaboration': maximising impact through project design.

Janet Hargreaves, Susan Bond, Paul Dagg, Benji Dawson, Blake Kendrick, Mark Potter


This case study describes a highly collaborative project created to develop an online self-assessment tool that offers students the opportunity to plan their preparedness to enter the work place named the Preparation for Placement Assessment Tool. The aim of the project was to develop an artefact that aids all students to think about and prepare for placements, and more broadly to bework-ready. It also aims to help disabled students to identify and manage theirindividual needs. Working in collaboration with students is offered as aneffective strategy for improving project outcomes and managing the tensions foracademics of balancing research, teaching, learning and scholarly activities.This paper discusses the project background, design and delivery, which includesthe engagement of a diverse mix of students, and the practice researchmethodologies used. Discussion focuses on the project's impact, particularly on the students involved. Four key factors: student power, methodology, the use offunding and slow burn are identified as significant for success.


Collaboration, Disability, Preparation for placement, student impact

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ISSN: 1759-667X