The role of the personal tutor in a curricular approach to Personal Development Planning

Sue Riddell, Natalie Bates


This paper describes some outcomes from the introduction of a curricular approach to Personal Development Planning (PDP) within an Interprofessional Learning Programme, in particular within the Adult Nursing pathway. This approach provided some substantial changes to the way academics had previously functioned in the role of personal tutor and sought to address concerns that had been raised about the perceived constraints in
facilitating holistic student development posed by the existing curriculum.
The context for change is outlined, including results of a local survey of personal tutors. The curricular changes, the new role for the personal tutor and the design of the necessary staff development programme are explained. Having begun to implement the new role, personal tutorsââ¬â¢ views are explored through interview data. A key theme to emerge is the significance of relationship building in this new curriculum structure and, following identification of the challenges, the paper concludes with recommendations in light of this experience.


personal tutor; curricular approach; personal development planning

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ISSN: 1759-667X